Health Services

Healthy Living Centre is proud to host a vast assortment of services that are conveniently available to residents as well as members of the community. These include foot care, massage therapy, chiropractor care & hairdresser. 

Home Care service is available just as it would be if you lived at your own home. Fully trained home support workers from public health are on site for approved clients mornings and evenings (and other times as needed) to assist with medications, personal hygiene and  morning/evening routines for residents.

Exercises classes are offered which are geared to keeping our mature citizens mobile, active and independent.

Other services – such as Physiotherapy, Optometry, and Pharmacy – may be offered in the future. We are also hoping to host a nurse practitioner and/or a health care aid on site in the future.

Our senior resource coordinator arranges home visits for lonely seniors and shut ins.  

Support Groups and presentations

Alzheimer Support Group – Friends, family members and volunteers who help to care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or dementia meet bi-monthly at the Healthy Living Centre for encouragement and practical advice in how to best care for those suffering with this debilitating illness.

Various educational workshops are held throughout the year. Some examples include: Mental Health, Fall Prevention Exercises, Meditation classes, Yoga classes, Hand Drumming, Music Therapy, “Get Better Together” Program, Service Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, Public Health Nurse, Emerson Pharmacist, Dietitian, Volunteer Canada, Computer Course, Hearing Presentation, “Is it safe to ask” (Medication Awareness), Laughing Coach, Hard of Hearing Support Group, Elder Abuse Awareness, etc.